4 Common Causes Of Yeast Infection

4 Common Causes Of Yeast Infection

While the major cause of yeast infection is the overgrowth of Candida albicans, there are many facts that can initiate this overgrowth and multiplications. If you have wanted to single out the major causes of yeast infection to help you make healthy decisions about your hygiene, here are the 4 common causes to consider.

#1. Antibiotics

Most often people are placed on antibiotics to help subdue certain fungus causing one problem or the other in the body. Sometimes when this antibiotics are taken for a long time (depending on individuals), they also kill the good bacteria thereby upsetting the bacteria balance in the body. A good example of this is when antibiotics are taken for sinus infection or to combat other infections. Hence if you have yeast infection while on antibiotics then it is likely that antibiotic is one of the culprits for your infection.

#2. The Wrong Clothing

Do you know that certain clothes and the way we wear them can encourage the multiplication of the bad bacteria in the body? Yeast flourishes in non-cotton, tight, dirty clothes that trap heat and moisture; this creates the perfect environment for yeast to grow; tight pants, damp clothes especially when used at the body edges or at the crotch can easily lead to an infection. How do you treat your clothes before and after a yeast infection? Your pants will likely lead to a re-infection if you don’t wash and iron them properly during and after an infection.

#3. The Use Of Chemicals

Most chemicals like inks, dyes, perfumes, and body sprays may not particularly go well with every body system especially when used at the genitals or at the damp, hidden parts of the body. They can change the bacteria balance in your crotch and lead to yeast overgrowth by altering the pH of the vagina or killing the good bacteria. Additionally, the chemical in the soaps and sanitary pads you use can also have a similar effect. It is therefore better to use unscented sanitary paper and find organic alternatives to most of the chemical-ridden products out there.

#4. The wrong diet

Certain food encourages yeast growth and the multiplication of the bad bacteria in the body. Mostly, yeasts thrive on sugar, so if you take high quantity of sugar you are indirectly feeding and empowering the bad bacteria in your system to take control of your body. Hence you should make every effort to cut down on sugar intake and eat balanced diet that is low in sugar to help improve your immune system and overall body health.
These are the four common causes of yeast infection. If you are able to monitor these, you are likely reducing the chances of getting infected.


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