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Yeast Infections: Your Questions Answered

Yeast Infections: Your Questions Answered Yeast infection has become a common infection among 75% of women. Nowadays, even a huge number of the male population often suffer from yeast infection, being caused by the same fungus, Candida albicans, that causes yeast infection in females. If you have yeast infection or you have witnessed the buzz being created by the popularity of the sufferers of this infection, then I guess there are a number of questions you wish you could get answers to. Questions like how long should […]

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What Is Yeast Infection?

What Is Yeast Infection? The human body contains bacteria in the trillions; this is probably more than the total number of cells in a well grown human body. These packs of bacteria can be grouped into the good bacteria and the bad bacteria and they come in different species. The Good Bacteria The good bacteria are generally beneficial to the body and they tend to promote good health. Some protect our skin thereby keeping germs and the bad bacteria out of the way. There are those in […]

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Yeast Infection Myths

Yeast Infection Myths Yeast infection is one of the numerous embarrassing diseases that can really turn a live into a mess. Ordinarily, yeast is a part of many other bacteria that are naturally present in the body. Their population and activities are controlled by a couple of other factors like the number of the good bacteria species in the body and the immune system. They only start to misbehave when this normal healthy ecosystem in the body is disturbed. Unfortunately, as popular and verse as yeast infection […]

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