Yeast Infection Myths

Yeast Infection Myths

Yeast infection is one of the numerous embarrassing diseases that can really turn a live into a mess. Ordinarily, yeast is a part of many other bacteria that are naturally present in the body. Their population and activities are controlled by a couple of other factors like the number of the good bacteria species in the body and the immune system. They only start to misbehave when this normal healthy ecosystem in the body is disturbed.

Unfortunately, as popular and verse as yeast infection has become, many people still nurture false believes about it. These false believes include facts concerning who it can affect, what damages it is capable of causing in the body, what it is, and many others. In this article, we are going to make an attempt at helping us understand these facts.

Myth One: Yeast Infection Is a Disease Peculiar to Women

This is a false believe. Yeast infection is not peculiar to any gender. In fact, it affects women, men and children alike. Hence nobody is really safe from yeast infection. In men it is called male yeast infection. Male yeast infection can occur in the genital (penile yeast infection), in the mouth (oral thrush), in the intestines (internal yeast infection) or on the external part of the body (skin yeast infection). Male yeast infection is caused by the same species of fungi responsible for yeast infection in females, Candida albicans.

Myth Two: Yeast Infection Can Not Kill

This is a false believe. Yeast infection, when ignored can degenerate into a blood stream infection which can lead to death on the long run. This is common with persons with weak immune system who may also have other diseases like HIV. Systemic yeast infection is dangerous and should never be ignored.

Myth Three: Yeast Infection Can Vanish On Its Own

I have read a few places online where people said they have yeast infection but with no adverse or disturbing symptoms. As a result they wanted to let the infection be and hopefully it will go away on its own. This is a false believe, as soon or later it will start causing other health complications. Yeast infection can cause urinary tract infection, brain fug and other health complications if ignored. Hence whether you have severe symptoms or not, it is advised that you treat the infection as soon as detected.

Do you still nurture any of these false believes? See yeast infection as an enemy that it is and take your treatments serious when you start seeing symptoms.


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