Yeast Infections: Your Questions Answered

Yeast Infections: Your Questions Answered

Yeast infection has become a common infection among 75% of women. Nowadays, even a huge number of the male population often suffer from yeast infection, being caused by the same fungus, Candida albicans, that causes yeast infection in females.

If you have yeast infection or you have witnessed the buzz being created by the popularity of the sufferers of this infection, then I guess there are a number of questions you wish you could get answers to. Questions like how long should the infection be treated before symptoms totally disappear and the person cured? Is it a must to abstain during yeast infection treatment? Does menstruation affect the yeast infection treatment? Now in the following paragraphs, we are going to address each of these questions one after the other to help us better understand how to tackle the infection.

How Long Should I Treat Yeast Infection?

Yeast infection treatments can take just a day, two days, a week or more depending on the treatment method. Most Over-The-Counter yeast infection treatment creams and tablets come with the dosage clearly stated on their label. Now even if your symptoms disappear before the stated treatment period, it is advised you continue applying the treatment as prescribed. If you are using home remedies like yogurt and the likes, it is advised you continue treatment for at least 7 days or until symptoms disappear.

Should I Abstain From Sex During Treatment?

Yeast infection is not a sexually transmitted disease and therefore does not pose too much danger. But it can sure cause some sort of discomfort to either the women or the man. However, it is good you know that intercourse can sure affect some yeast infection treatments. If infected partner is using a treatment cream, this can easily cause some irritation on the genital of the other partner. Additionally, in the case of vaginal yeast infection and penile yeast infection with painful symptoms, sexual intercourse can be really painful. To this end, it is advised that infected partners delay sex until symptoms disappear.

Does Menstruation Affect Yeast Infection Treatment?

If you are treating vaginal yeast infection while seeing your period, there are certain treatment method you just shouldn’t use. These include creams and suppositories as they may be less effective during menstruation. Preferably, treatments in the form of tablets should be considered. If you are not sure, speak with your doctor concerning the best treatment method after examining your flow.

These are some of the questions that most people with yeast infection wish they could find answers to. Hopefully, we have helped clear these confusions and if you are not sure about anything, don’t guess, per a visit to your doctor


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